Jul 1, 2013

"Oh Say Can You See"?

Abstract Art
Sharon Teal Coray

Painting made by a Monkey!

Have you ever walked into a gallery only to see nothing but Abstract art hanging on the walls?
I have and you know in all the years I have studied art I still don’t understand or like it.

Most of it looks like an immature child painted it. And oh am I sick of the gallery owners  sidling up to me to “explain” the art piece! I don’t want to look at a piece of artwork that has to be “explained” According to many who paint this way they have a ‘story’ that goes along with the creation! Yeah I bet they do!

Oh come on…a canvas with paint dripping down it and splotches of colors are not what I call skilled or creative art do you?

Let’s just get to the point here; a monkey, horse or elephant etc can make abstract expressionism art! But a true work of art where the artist is skilled is completely different.

I have heard this reply many times: “my 5 year old could have done that”! Then behind their back I have heard the artist say; “that idiot just does not have the mental ability to appreciate good art”!

To me the remark about the 5 year old rings true, there is a lot of artists out there that are just plain lazy, they want the people to believe their explanations of why their abstract art is so good and meaningful! When in reality they are just "hacks".

I find it very disturbing when I see terrible and boring abstract art in top galleries, replacing real art. I find it offensive that someone would try to sell me a painting that anyone could do for thousands and I really hate to see people brainwashed into believing that it is great art!

Mondrian, Picasso, Kandinsky, Klee, Rothko, Malevich, Warhol, are not really great artists they are designers but not artists. Even Picasso hated what he had done in his later years to make money, he felt like a fool, he knew his art was no good! He never learned to paint academically; instead he faked the signature on some of his father’s paintings and passed them as his own.

Today art is about convincing others about why abstract art it is art.

I love the critic who has an incredible imagination and can see things in a abstract painting that no one else sees, when there is really nothing but color!

Here are some good examples of what I am talking about!

Let's see...maybe I can concoct a story about this one...
This is called My Moods.
It represents how I feel, the blue is when I am depressed, the red is when I am hot and angry and the yellow is when I just want to be left alone and be a coward in the corner. The pink represents my lipstick that I use to write love letters on the windows of my apartment to my lover. The green is how I feel when I see my lover in someone else's arms....and so on..blah blah blah......

I did this in kindergarten!

If you like this and would like to have it in your home, go to your local craft store, purchase a canvas and some paints and just have at it! You will suddenly become an artist and have a beautiful piece of artwork on your wall. Viola!

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