Jun 10, 2013

Brushes I can't live without!

Time for cleaning and boy do I have a lot of useless brushes sitting next to my canvas!  I decided to scale down to the ones I really use and love! Years ago when I was affiliated with a brush company they sent me brushes to try out. Most of them have gone by the wayside because they either didn't do what I wanted them to do or they didn't last.
Why do artists need to have so many brushes anyway?  I think it is our passion, like women who love shoes and have tons we need brushes!
However, in reality I really don't need to keep all the brushes I have that take up space and ones I will never use...so out they go!

I sat in the studio and studied the brushes and here is what I decided I could not live without!

I used "brights" for most of my work. A natural hair brush especially suited for oil painting.This short hair Shader works well for 
 moving oils for blending.

  This filbert is perfect of paint things where I want soft edges. Its rounded edges give the perfect soft touch.
A natural hair brush especially suited for oil painting. This short hair Spotter is perfect for small areas on a portrait! 

This is the only brush to use to make "clouds" look real!

This Flat is the one I love to base coat with, makes it easy!

Golden Taklon Champagne Handle
This is really good for floating and blending especially in small areas.
I use this brush for acrylics.

The Moon Mop is a natural hair mop it is soft and it's short length gives me extreme control. Perfect for blending techniques, I love this brush!

Of course I could not paint without my Shining Feather Soft Stroke Fur brush!

My brush I use for my blankets is a inexpensive Taklon bright that I have cut with "Pinking Shears" This brush gives the texture to my blankets!

Supreme Script

I adore this brush and use it for all scrollwork, linework, filigree, tendrils, borders, and highlights. When loaded properly it will do most or all of your pattern without needing more paint. Used in all mediums!
This is a Red Sable spotter, I use this for all the tiny areas on portraits especially

This bristle brush is really good for landscapes, foliage especially!

 I love to use this for painting and blending pottery, flowers and backgrounds.
This long handle bristle brush is used for painting on canvas I love to used this brush for textured backgrounds and scumbling.

My brush source is Scharff Brushes. They offer a wide assortment of top quality brushes for great prices.
Here is thier website:

They will also be at the following shows and if you are lucky enough to get to one be sure to check them out! They always have great specials at the shows!

South Carolina Ceramic Show – Columbia, SC
Show – June 7-8 ( Fri-Sat)


Artist Expo – Houston TX

Show – July 17-20 (Thu-Sat)

Heart of Ohio Tole Show – Columbus, OH
Show – August 7-10 (Wed-Sat)

WOCP - China Show - Midwest City, OK

Show– August 15-17 (Thur.-Sat)



Raindrop Chapter Tole – Portland, OR

Show – Sept. 20-22 (Fri-Sun)



New England Traditions – Marlborough, MA

Show – Oct. 11-13 (Fri-Sun)


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