Apr 30, 2013

Summer Time Painting!

Let's paint for our patio and gardens!

With summer coming it is fun to paint some cute things for our gardens and patios. Here are some items I found that would be fun to paint on! There are lots of places on the Internet to find these and also in your thrift and antique shops locally!  One of my favorites are milk cans!

Steps to creating a cute project!

1. Remove any price tags or sticker and wash the item in warm soapy water.

2. Using white vinegar, wipe the item to neutralize the surface and remove any grease or soap that is still there.

3. Completely dry this item and let it sit for a day or two or use a warm oven or hair dryer but get it dry!

4. Lightly sand the tin ware with a fine grit sandpaper or steel wool, using a circular motion. I like to blow the dust off with my hair dryer.

5. Apply a metal primer if it is not already primed.

6. When this is dry you can start painting using your acrylic paints.

7. When I have finished painting I apply a couple of coats of spray Lacquer. Rust Oleum found at Wal-Mart is the best I have found for outdoor items.

The easiest metal surface to paint on is pre-primed tin ware, available on-line or at your local craft or decorative painting store. You can start painting immediately because all the prep work is done!

All of the prep work has been done, so you can get down to painting right away!

Here are some fun things to paint on I have found.

These are tuna or cat food cans!

Some painted pieces I found!

I can see these painted and hanging on the backyard fence with flowers in them!

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