Jan 17, 2013

New Year!

  I just checked to see how many visitors we have had here and I was totally surprised to see that we had 100613!!!! Now that is really incredible. I wanted to see how many people would visit us when I put this site up so I started the count at 0......well to my great surprise look at how many visitors have been here!

I am so blessed to have my two friends Linda Lover and Sue Hulen help me with this magazine. They have offered many interesting articles and free patterns for all to enjoy.

I have been busy painting a portrait of my second granddaughter, it is now finished and in her hands. I finished a new book and think it will be my last.
I want to do some challenging things in 2013, not sure where to begin but I do want to keep this magazine fresh and interesting.

So I would like to personally invite you to be involved. If you would like to have your art spotlighted here or if you would like to write an article on art please contact me and we will do some great things together.

I have a new book out on southwestern still life, it is painted with oils but has the color charts so anyone can copy the colors and paint it with acrylics. The future for books like this is steadily going down hill. Today the art scene has changed a lot. The new books that are out are a lot less than in the former years. The stores that used to sell them have quit ordering, so it makes one think about what the future holds for artists who write instructional patterns for others to follow.
The fact that there are less people who want to paint things for their homes has increased. The women of today don't want to do things like that anymore, they just want to buy the decorations and be done with it.
There is a surge in quilting, knitting and crochet. So the stores are stocked with all the necessary items and books for those crafts.
I think that in 50 years there may not be a book to be found, everything will be on a "Kindle".
My great grandchildren will live in a very different world. Just think 50 years ago...my how things have changed in that time frame.

Well I hope to hear from some of you, it would be fun to have some new faces here!

God Bless You and Yours



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