Jan 25, 2013

Just Outside My Window

By Sue Hulen

Limbs and branches of trees have always been very difficult for me to paint. Even drawing them first has been defeating and a real challenge. We had moved last July and I now have a very large living room window. Outside my window is a large maple tree. Across the street there is a large piece of vacant property that is loaded with various kinds of trees. My back yard and my neighbors yards have trees as well.
Looking outside my window, today, at the tree in my front yard I realized I've been wasting a lot of time not learning how to draw limbs and branches that I’ve so wanted to paint. I really studied them today. We have a lot of homes built on small hills here and I am just amazed at how strong the roots and trunks of these trees are to hold the trees up that are slanted on these hills.
There are limbs that are narley and twisted and looked like something from a sci-fi movie. The smaller branches are so free. They go in all different directions. Some of the branches overlap others and some become entangled with one another. There’s no “pattern” nor “rhythm’ to them.

The trees are all so different from one another even in their own family.

OK, so now I have much to study from. The problem is that now I’m not sure where to begin. I’ll get it figured out, but need to get myself in gear as Spring is right around the corner. It’s almost time for me to start planting all my lovely herbs. I’d love to paint them one day. They keep me so busy growing them, tending them and harvesting them that it leaves little time to paint them.
Maybe I’m just making excuses for not learning to paint limbs and herbs because I am doubting my own ability. Hmmm. Must give that some serious thought……when I have more time. LOL

Have a great  week.

Sue Hulen

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