Nov 30, 2012

Sue's View's

Money versus Love of Art

By Sue Hulen

Are you an artist for the money you receive, or may receive, for your art or are you an artist who loves creating art regardless of the money?
Have you ever known a brother or sister artist/painter who only creates something when they are putting them on display for sale and seldom creates anything when the money is not there? Have you also noticed that when they do create something for sale that their work is less than what they could have done had they have just invested time by practicing?

There are times when we just need a break from it all. Some are short breaks and others are much longer, but we come back refreshed and full of new ideas. We don’t just leave our brushes lying around getting dust on them.
Most of those artists seldom pick-up a brush for practicing and I must admit it does show in their work. I’d love to see what they could create if they would just practice. We all like to make money from our artwork, but I believe we like the money more because it validates us as artists and gives us a sense of pride knowing someone liked our work enough to purchase it. That’s what it’s all about.

The most beautiful artwork is created by those who paint because they are driven by their love of art and of what they do. They practice! They get angry and frustrated at times, but their love of painting keeps them going. Many practice pieces are so wonderful that people love them enough to buy them. I’ve seen many practice pieces that are more worthy of purchasing than I have the lazy artists’ finished pieces.

Practicing and making mistakes is where most of our time is spent. It’s the learning from those many mistakes that keep us practicing and coming back for more. Where would we be if we didn’t learn from our mistakes? Mistakes and patience are our best friends and mentors. To not take the time to improve is a shame. You’re only “settling” for where you are instead of giving yourself and your art more worth and respect.
You get stuck in the muck.

Have a memorable and caring Holiday season. Give from your heart and do something kind for someone in need.


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