Nov 12, 2012

Let's hear the Truth!

While looking for something to write about I came upon an ad for a unique brush.
This brush is being made by a couple of companies and I thought back to when it was first developed.

At the Las Vegas Convention several years ago there were a lot of very different brushes being sold. The owner of FM/Dynasty Brushes was in my booth and we were laughing about all funny brushes that seemed to be flooding the market.

When I got back to my room at the convention I took a few older brushes and cut them all sorts of ways as a Joke!  The next  day I gave them to him.

The whales Tail was originally just a joke..... I never thought in a hundred years anyone would think otherwise. But lo and behold someone is always waiting to make the big bucks and soon after the convention I saw my "Joke" brush being sold.

I never got any credit for it but just for the record:
I invented the first "Whales Tail" brush!

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