Sep 12, 2012

Sue's View's

Getting in the Mood. I'm So Ready!
Sue Hulen


Fall is in the air and I can smell it. The shorter days are here and the

weather is beginning to change. It won't be too much longer and it will be

sweater weather and then sweatshirt weather. We all know what comes after


I haven't painted a lot this summer as it's been so hot. I like to paint

with the windows opened. It's refreshing and the air is not stale like it is

with air conditioning. We can hear the birds chirping and singing, cars

going by and dogs barking. Even the children talking or riding their skate

boards as they go by.

I've already got some ideas on what to paint and have been practicing

drawing in anticipation for the big day when I can sit at my art table and

begin creating. I'm hyped. What will you be painting/creating?

So many artists will be painting Fall and Christmas projects. The

ridiculously hot summer has us looking, with great excitement, to cooler

weather and the possibility of lots of fun things to paint.

How invigorating!

The kids are back in school, the weather will be delightful and apple cider

and doughnuts are a given. The smells of chili, chicken and dumplings and

lots of baked goods permeating throughout the house. It all just puts me in

the mood to paint. Visions of big fat pumpkins keep floating by.

There's lots of terrific books to look at and projects to bring to life. The

problem is deciding which projects to do first. I know I'm going to do a

couple of pots and saucers projects (from Linda Lover's Decorative Painting

For Clay Pots and Saucers). Very nice projects Linda! So many fantastic

artists to choose from. Have a blast searching and choosing.

Enjoy the Fall and the wonderful things that it brings. I know I will.

All is well in my world.

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