Sep 1, 2012

September Pattern by Linda Lover

September Pumpkin and Sunflower

Linda Lover

Loew-Cornell Brushes
#2 Round

#8, #12 flat shader

1/4” angular

DecoArt Americana Acrylics

Antique White (similar to a beige white)

Golden Straw (similar to light gold)

Butterscotch (similar to a light yellow orange)

Wasabi Green (similar to DA Jade Green)

Plantation Pine (similar to a dark but earthy green)

Bittersweet Chocolate (dark brown)

Cadmium Yellow (bright yellow)

Persimmon (close to burnt orange)

Buttermilk (off white)


Photo box or optional (approx. 11” x 8”)

Msc. Supplies

Sea sponge

Paper towel

Water basin

Tracing paper

Transfer paper

Pen, pencil or stylus


Optional to sponge alternating Butterscotch, Wasabi Green and Antique White

Note: Sometimes it might be easier for you to switch to a smaller or larger brush to cover an area.


1. Paint the stems and green leaves first. Use a #8 flat shader and Plantation Green to basecoat leaves. Paint again with Plantation Pine, wipe brush, pick up Golden Straw to highlight. Blend as needed. Dry brush randomly Persimmon. Double load the #2 liner with Plantation Pine and Golden Straw, paint stems.

2. Paint the flower centers using the corner of the ¼” angular and Bittersweet Chocolate. Now go on to the petals and return to the center when those are complete. Depending on the background, a basecoat may be needed, do that with a light yellow or off white. Use a #10 shader or 3/8” angular. Load the brush with Cadmium Yellow and touch a corner in Persimmon, paint each petal. Touch up with either or both of these colors. The darker color should be near the center and wherever the petals should be shaded such as at the bottom of if they are overlapped. Finish the center by double loading just the corner of the ¼” angular with Golden Straw and a Bittersweet.

3. Basecoat the pumpkin Persimmon with a #12 flat shader. Double load the #12 flat shader with Golden Straw and Persimmon, paint and highlight curve. Use the brush corner and Traditional Burnt Sienna to shade the groove. Paint the stem with a double load of Plantation Pine and Golden Straw with a #4 shader.

4. Leaves are painted with any of the autumn colors using the flat shaders.

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