Sep 1, 2012

Creative People!

Sitting in my office a few days ago I noticed that I had a few Altoid tins stacked in a cubbyhole. As always I could not toss them in the trash....there must be something I can do with them! So I surfed the net and found that there are many things creative people have used them for and I am going to put some of my small Brazillian Embroidery on the top of them and see how it looks. So here I want to share some things these creative people have done with them! enjoy!

Here are two boxes I covered with my Brazillian Embroidery. It was really fun to do this.. I love all the ideas people have come up with for these little metal boxes!

1 comment:

Fenter said...

I have tons of the tins too. Doing mixed media will be the way I go.

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