Sep 18, 2012

Advise for Art Students

Sharon Teal Coray

Being a teacher for over 30 years gave me lots of challenges. Over those years I came up with a list of things that could help the student. Here are some of the things that I found helped my students.

1. Buy the best art products you can afford!

2. Don’t put a lid on your enthusiasm…let it show!

3. When you reach an gridlock check out the work of the old masters.

4. Start early every day get moving!
5. Paint something everyday!

6. Be your own toughest critic.

7. Keep a sense of humor be able to laugh at yourself.

8. Never settle… for a mediocre painting!

9. If you have a failure don’t let it suppress you! Remember all artists have them! It is part of growing!

10. Be a friend to other struggling artists.

11. If you take classes be on time.

12. Never be envious of someone who is more talented than you are just be the best YOU can be!

13. Become acquainted with all of your equipment and take care of it.

14. If you have a deadline just be sure to meet it!

15. Keep your painting space clean and simple.

16. It is wonderful to win a ribbon but remember that the true competition is with what you painted yesterday.

17. When you go to bed take some time to think about what your are going to paint tomorrow before falling asleep.

18. Spend time analyzing the work of the great old masters, study how they call attention to certian things and make others secondary.

19. Remember that great works of art are the result of many hours of work and struggle.

20. With each painting put your whole heart and soul into it.

21. Always find time to nurture your art.

22. Ask questions…hungry artists grow faster!

23. Take pride in yourself and your art.

24. Always keep in mind what your painting is all about.

25. Keep things organized and put away.

26. When you “look’ at something really try to “see” it.

27. Stay way from negative, put down artists they will just make you crazy!

28. Read everything on art you can get your hands on.

29. Remember that art critics are actually painters who didn’t make the cut!

30. When your down and feeling bad, look at some of the struggles the great masters had!

31. Never say you don’t have time….make time!

32. Don’t compare your work with another students!

33. Paint what inspires you the most not what others want you to paint.

34. Don’t be afraid to put some paint on the canvas!

35. If you make a mistake…you can fix it. Wipe it off or paint over it, simple as that!

36. If it is really bad and I mean really bad…the best thing to do is not to throw it away…I did this once and saw the trash man pick it out of the trash can….”Oh no it will be around forever!” The next time I had a really bad painting I took a box cutter to it!

37. Find a painting friend that encourages you not one that is competing with you….this may be hard to do!

38. Always be kind to yourself....

God Bless

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