Sep 19, 2012

Adventures with Jill

Finding the "Tangents"
Jillian Smith

What a crazy summer this has been, I started taking painting classes at a local art studio and I have to say I have really learned a lot.
I loved this exercise and thought I would share it. We are studying how to make our paintings have the look of real depth.
One thing we just learned was what a "Tangent" is and then we had to go online and find examples of this for our teacher.
I stayed on the computer most of the day because once I started looking at art I just could not get enough of it.
At first I didn't find the tangents but then half way through the day I did!  Yeah!

A tangent is when the artist places two objects together and they are just "Touching" each other instead of one being in the front of the other. Our instructor said that this is irritating to the viewer and at first I didn't think too much about it but then when I found these examples I saw what she meant. It was irritating to the eye!
By just moving the subjects a little it would look much better and create some depth in the painting.
So here is my homework and see if you can find the tangents in each painting.

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