Aug 7, 2012

The Color Coach Working with the analogous color scheme

Working with the analogous color scheme

Sharon Teal Coray

One of my favorite color schemes is the analogous scheme. I find that using this scheme is as easy to create as the monochromatic, but looks richer. It does lack the contrast that the complementary scheme has but it will create a beautiful harmony of colors.

The analogous colors are next to one another on the color wheel. Often these colors are found in nature, for example look at a seascape, you will see that there are analogous colors right there with the water against a backdrop of green trees. Look at a sunset and you will see nature’s use of orange, yellows and pinks.

Usually the artist will use three colors with one as the principal color while the other two enhance the color scheme. Color can be a powerful way to communicate emotion. Using bright colors can demand your full attention while a picture painted with analogous colors will calm you.
These colors work so well together because they are located next to one another which when used give us a feeling of harmony and peacefulness.

You should be careful not to use too many analogous colors because doing so may ruin the harmony. Also avoid using warm with cool colors in this scheme.

Here are some examples to study, see if you can identify the three colors used.

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