Aug 5, 2012

Orange Day Lily Fee Pattern Download

By Linda Lover

5” x7” canvas board, stretched canvas

DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint

Margarita Plantation Pine

Light Avocado Orange Twist

Cadmium Orange True Ochre

Burnt Sienna

Loew-Cornell Golden Taklon Paintbrushes

Wash brush, 3/4”

Liner, #1, #10/0

Flora, #2 (1/4” dagger or 3/8”angular can be substituted)

Flat shader, #4

Msc. Supplies

Butterfly stencil (optional)

Water basin

Paper towel

Stylus or pencil

Graphite transfer paper

Sponge square or stencil brush

Preparation: If canvas is already prepped, no basecoat will be necessary. Randomly blend Light Avocado and Plantation Pine over the surface to create dark and light5 areas. Stencil butterflies randomly over the surface with Light Avocado using a sponge or stencil brush.

Transfer flower line work when paint has dried using graphite paper.

Double load the #1 liner in Margarita and Plantation Pine, paint the stems. Double load these two colors onto the #2 flora (or ¼” dagger or 3/8” angular) and paint the leaves and bud keeping the lightest to the highlight side. When painting green leaves over a green background, sometimes it might be necessary to add or change to a dark or light color that will create a better contrast.

Flower petals are painted with a double load of Orange Twist and Cadmium Orange using a #4 flat shader. Double load the #10/0 liner with Orange Twist and Cadmium Orange to paint the vein through each petal. Add very little Burnt Sienna to Cadmium Orange to darken paint color and shade the underside of the turned petals. Double load the #10/0 liner with Burnt Sienna and True Ochre, paint the stamens and dot the top pollen. Make a wash of Orange Twist and paint it over the bud and in spot areas on the blade leaves.

For deeper contrast on flower petals, add shading around any edges that might be too light and along the underside of the flower vein using the shader. Though not on the color list, I’d suggest Georgia Clay for this.

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