Aug 17, 2012

Let's Take a Peak at others Studios!

I am in the middle of totally renovating my studio and garage storage area. I am just tired of all the stuff that is on every shelf and in every drawer! I want to have a "clean" look, which I find more relaxing.
I love to visit other artists studios in person and on the Internet so here are some I found to share. I love seeing how big some are and how very small others are. Some neat, some messy, so interesting! I also love to see how people have organized all their stuff!

North Light!

I can relate to this! 
This too!

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Fenter said...

We bought a house in Texas in January, and we are moving back from overseas(Qatar) in January or Febuary 2013. There is an unfinished room that we will be turning into my studio(one of the reasons we bought the house). Can't wait.

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