Aug 21, 2012

Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing!

22 x 14  Primavera

Sharon Teal Coray

I have found that I cannot just sit and watch the TV at night with my hubby, I get bored real fast! I have to do something with my hands while I am watching the tube!

So I recently went back to a hobby I learned to do in the 70's. It is called Brazilian Embroidery. It is done with special Rayon thread and the designs are raised, they have depth to them.

My neighbor talked me into taking a class with her at the time and I did it for a while then put it away. Now I have re-discovered it and I am finding it is so relaxing and fun! It is a sure fire way to keep my creative mind active when I am not at my easel.

I really think that doing these sorts of creative endeavours keeps us younger and keeps our minds sharper. I have had to re-learn the stitches and there are many I have not conquered yet, but plan to do so in the future.

So far I have used others pre-designed patterns but now I want to start to design my own so that is what I am going to be doing at night when the weather gets chilly!

My only problem is that they are stacking up and I am not sure what to do with the finished product. One can only have so many pillows!

Here are some of my new creations.

10x10  Verana


8x9 This one has tiny beads on it



About Brazilian Embroidery

EdMar Rayon Threads are manufactured in our facility in Meridian, Idaho.

Our threads are spun from only the highest quality materials on spinning machines dedicated to a high level of spinning quality. The resulting threads are superior to any rayon hand embroidery threads on the market anywhere in the world today.

The threads are hand dyed in over 200 color combinations, many with intricate color-changing variegation's. The inimitable colors and styles of the EdMar line are what grab the attention of stitcher's world-wide. The unsurpassed quality is what brings them back again and again.
You can purchase the printed pattern and instructions or just the pattern. There are many sources where you can purchase EdMar threads online.

If you would like to see more go to this site:

To see some "how to" videos go here:

For some free patterns go here:

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