Aug 1, 2012

The Color Coach

Lets use the Complementary Colorsc

Sharon Teal Coray
"All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites." Marc Chagall

Remember that the complementary colors are located directly across from each other on the color wheel

When I start a painting I love to look at the colors ahead and figure out my color scheme before I just jump in and start painting. One of my favorite color combinations to use are the complementary colors.
If you are searching for a color scheme that will shout at your clients from across the room just choose complement colors. Really don’t you want them to come closer to your work?

If you learn how to use complementary colors correctly that is exactly what will happen. Soon you will be creating paintings that are vibrant, soothing, and pleasing to the eye.
Why are complement colors so striking? That is a good question so here is the answer;
When the eyes are overwhelmed with one color, both the eye and the brain seek the relief associated with the color's complement. Complementary colors just make you feel good, it is just that plain and simple!
Using them gives you a sparkling, fresh feeling based on the contrast of color.However, the technique must be applied carefully.
When the complementary colors are used at a high level of intensity in nearly equal quantities, they can become amateurish and harsh looking. But just place them next to each other in equally concentrated forms and they can almost appear to vibrate.
I find it more appealing to use one of the colors in a larger quantity at a low intensity with its complement in a more intense hue as an accent color.
A winning complementary color scheme requires a careful balance of bold and moderation. When you do it right, the effect can be both sophisticated and exciting.
If you want drama you can get it by using complementary colors.
If you want less drama use medium values. You will still get the contrast but it will not be as intense. If you want an Oriental Zen look you can paint with pastels. Used this way you can create a lovely soothing painting.
Just be sure you don't overwhelm the eye with too much color! Adding hints of the complementary color will help achieve this.
Here are some examples of complementary colors

The orange against the blue vibrates!

Love the touch of orange against the blue!

Using just a little blue with the orange creates a great painting!

Orange sky with blue it!

Red apple placed near green is luscious!

Here the artist used yellow against the purple sky and also blue with the orange trees. He used two combinations of complementary colors!

Soft pink against the lime green!

Again the artist has used two combinations, blue/orange and green/red

This is a soothing painting, the artist used blue as his main color and just a touch of the complement color orange.

This jumps out at you for and red and touches of orange and blue!

This is a soft pastel look using pink and dusty green...delightful!

Pink and green...a soft painting!

Adding some yellow flowers in with the purple ones really makes a statement!

Wow....purple dress against yellow!

Love this field of red poppies with the green!

This is mostly purple with a touch of yellow.. it is popping!

Soft romantic look using pinks and greens!

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