Jul 29, 2012

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Be The Destroyer of Limitations
By Sue Hulen

For most of my life I have prided myself in being a very organized person and someone who is very detailed. It’s made my life much easier because I’ve come to realize that if my home is unorganized the other parts of my life will be unorganized as well. I don’t want a cluttered and disheveled life. Chaos is too stressful.
Recently, I had considered breaking away from my Asian artwork for a while and make an attempt at a different genre of art. I kept procrastinating and had no idea why. Was I that uncertain of my own ability to accept change? Was I questioning my creativity and imagination? Then it hit me! I had placed myself in the box of self-limitation. How scary.

That was a real wake-up call for me. Thinking I was in a place where I was open to new ideas and challenges and had not doubted that I could do almost anything if I put my artistic mind to it, I was shocked to see that I had fallen into the trap of self-limitation.
Encouraging others to not limit themselves and keep their options open came easy for me, so to see that I had become who I encouraged others not to become was really tough for me. Denial was not an option at that point.
After spending much time being self-analytical I came to a very important decision. I had to reclaim my artistic self and stop limiting myself. I knew that limitation is a destroyer of imagination, creativity, and the best of my own authentic being.
It can keep me, and everyone else, from being the person we truly want to be (as an artist and more).
Another important thing I have come to realize is that to set limitations for myself means I’m doubting that artist within. It’s like telling myself that I’m not talented enough or creative enough to be good at more than one genre of art.
I didn’t want to be a destroyer of the faith I have in myself. Having lived too many years allowing others to put me down and create a sense of low self-worth, I was no way going to allow myself to do the same thing. I refuse to allow self-doubt to creep into my subconscious again….ever.
Self-doubt runs deep and the scars can last forever. I want to encourage myself rather than doubt myself. Being my own biggest advocate is now something sacred to me.
So when you think you cannot do something you are really just placing yourself in that box of limitation. Don’t go there. When you have a doubt about your creativity and talent just laugh at it and tell yourself over and over again that “I’m so much better than that.”
You never know what you can accomplish until you give it a good try. By doubting yourself via limitations is to tell yourself that you are unworthy. And that would be a shame.
Think about what you could have accomplished if you would not have fallen into the limitation trap. Knowing that we have the options and the ability to do whatever we choose to do is so freeing. Isn’t it better to float on the wings of freedom than to wallow in your own self-doubt/limitations?
Honor yourself by knowing that you are capable of doing many things and wearing many hats and not limited as long as you can say “I’m creative, open minded and willing to try.”

Enjoy your efforts as well as your accomplishments. Stay cool!

Sue Hulen
Contributing Editor

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