Jul 31, 2012

A special man! JD Challenger

   While visiting Jackson Hole Wyoming last week I made my usual trips to all the galleries. I was delighted to see that JD Challenger was in residence in the last one I visited.
I have loved his work for many years, so meeting him in person was a real treat for me.
In the past when I have met other artists and they ask if I am an artist, once I tell them yes, then they usually get less friendly.
I don't fully understand this but I am guessing that some just don't like to share what they are doing with other artists.
Not so with Mr. Challenger, he was open and friendly the moment I stepped up to admire his work.

He is a self-taught artist and looking at his masterpieces I think he is especially gifted.
I love the way he uses color and how vibrant his paintings are just amazes me and makes me want to stay and look for a long time!

He works in acrylics and on really big canvas'.  When I told him I had been in the galleries in Sedona he wanted to know which ones, he knew of all of them.
He asked me why I hadn't kept on with putting my work in the galleries and I told him I got tired of trying to get paid!
 He gave a hearty laugh and said that "You have to know the language" of the galleries.....................
When you show up unannounced or call them they say:
"We just sold that painting"
" We mailed that check yesterday"
" I forgot to sign the check"
" I can't seem to locate that painting"

Sure enough I had heard all of this too!

If you would like to see his work and read his incredible story go here:

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