Jun 28, 2012

The Color Coach

How Color affects one


Sharon Teal Coray

I love to work with brilliant colors and an artist needs to know what a color will do next to another color to create beautiful paintings. Below you see the primary and secondary colors on the color wheel. I placed them on white, their complement, grey and black. On the white squares the colors look washed out in some instances.

Place them on top of their complement color and they pop out at you, they really complement each other. Have you ever seen a painting of a landscape with yellow and purple in the sky? They look magnificent together!

Next against the grey square the colors are softer looking as they are closer in values and there is not much contrast. Grey seems to "calm" the colors down.

On the black background they are vibrating...there is a lot of "visual impact" when we put a color against a black background. This is working from one end of the value scale to the other. If you want to create something that will catch the viewers eye this is one trick that works!

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