Jun 18, 2012

Can Being Creative Help with Healing?

Sharon Teal Coray

I have always believed that my creativity was a source of comfort for me and I knew when I was having trouble in my life that I could go into my studio put on some great music and paint and I would feel better.

I never thought about art helping one heal until I read an article on it. I was so delighted to find out that scientific studies tell us that art actually heals by changing a person's makeup and way of thinking.
From what I understand when we are feeling a lot of stress, creativity can change the body’s functioning from one filled with stress to one of deep relaxation.

Art and music influence every cell in the body instantly to create a healing physiology that changes the immune system and blood flow to all the organs. Our brain actually goes into a different wave pattern, which affects our autonomic nervous system, brain neurotransmitters and hormonal balance.

I have experienced times when I was down, in pain and negative, when I went into my studio, after listening to some of my favorite music while painting I found myself looking at things with a different perspective.

My pain was much less and my attitude was one of positive expectation instead of hopeless negativity. I had a wonderful relaxing time!

I think that there is something spiritual about being creative, it comes from the my soul.

I believe it is a gift God gave all of us; it may be that we are gifted in different areas but we all have the ability to be creative. Next time things look gloomy and you feel down, pick up something that is creative and put on some of your favorite music and enjoy the relaxation you will feel!

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