Jun 20, 2012

Brush Tips From Scharff Brush Company

Brush Tips
Always clean your brushes immediately after every use.
Never let the paint dry on your brush.
Never use the cleaning tubs with a rippled bottom. This is not the proper way to clean your brushes. It is a very good way to ruin your brushes.
Do not let a brush stand in water or cleaning solvents for any length of time. This will cause the liquid to leach into the handle and swelling will occur in the wood. This will lead to the paint chipping off and the ferrule becoming loose.
Always clean your brushes with the appropriate solutions. Acrylics can be cleaned with a mild household liquid detergent. Many oil and lacquer materials will have a recommended cleaning solution for their particular products.
After thoroughly cleaning your brushes, store them lying flat or with the ferrules up. Never store your brushes on the hair.
A light coating of hair spray can be applied to the bristles to help hold the brush in shape for extended periods of storage.
Take care of your brush and it will perform well for many uses.

New Brushes from Scharff

Brushes made with the highest quality components and made to last!

 Series 910 - Aqua Flow Filbert

Unique blend of Squirrel Hair and Black Taklon. Used for blending and strokework. This brush is loved for its soft texture and ability to hold a lot of water. Best suited for water-based products but can be used in all mediums. Ideal for use with One Shot Paints.

Series 237 - White Bristle Foliage Brush

White Bristle Foliage Brush


Series 685 - Moon Mop

This natural hair mop is soft and it's short length gives you extreme control. Perfect for blending techniques.


Series 425 - Golden Taklon Moon Filbert

This brush is the same great quality as our Series 429 Filbert but the hair on this Series 425 is much shorter and shaped like a half moon. This shorter hair allows the painter greater control of the brush and the ability to get into smaller spaces. Used in all mediums.


Series 285 - White Nylon Moon Scrubber

Stiff White Nylon Bristles. Used to scrub the base color onto heavy materials such as denim. Also used to clean soft-fire porcelain and ceramic bisque. Mainly used with acrylics and fabric dyes.

New Free Pattern Blog

New Free Pattern Blog
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