Jun 18, 2012


By Sue Hulen

For some time now I’ve been noticing so many people who have so much and they just don’t seem to appreciate it all. Just look at reality TV. Ok, ok, ok, I admit I was tempted to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (and other places) to see what it was all about. What a mess those shows are. Not impressed.
I’ve never seen so many people whining about insignificant things. Wah, wah, wah. They have beautiful homes/mansions, hard working husbands, lovely children (who are mostly spoiled rotten), beautiful cars, you don’t have to worry about your house payments or utility bills being paid and you eat really, really well. In fact, you dine in expensive restaurants, a lot. Rough life?

I did not hear any of them voicing how thankful they are and how blessed they have been to live the life they have. Not once! In fact their behavior lacks social skills in many ways. I’d like to send them all a dictionary because their vocabulary is so limited. What a bunch of potty mouths they are. They behave so badly and some are not very good role models. If that’s how people with that kind of money behave then I don’t want it. Besides, I like being around those who are “real” and not pretentious.
I like those who don’t feel they have to compete with someone else as far as how much they have or how much they paid for something. They seem so “high school” to me.

Children and young adults don’t seem to be very appreciative of things either. In fact instead of appreciating what their parents, and others, do for them and what they have they just “expect” it. There’s no shortage now days of spoiled people. I’m actually embarrassed for them. It’s not just those silly Real Housewives that are short of appreciation.
The only people I hear voicing their appreciation for what they have are those who have much less than those who have so very much. They feel blessed to have a decent roof over their heads, food in their bellies and cabinets, electricity, AC, heat, water, clothing, a vehicle etc. They don’t wear designer fashions; they wear what they can afford. They’re doing the best that they can with what they have and happy to have it.
How many of those whiney Real Housewives have ever had to work a 9-5 job? How many of them had to scrimp and sacrifice things they needed or wanted in order to pay for food or a utility bill or a gift for their children? Did they ever have to work and go to school in order to better themselves and feel guilty for spending less time with their children? Not to mention all that’s involved in trying to find a reliable babysitter and being exhausted all the time.
 The Real Housewives and others like them who have businesses were fortunate enough to have a rich husband who helped along the way to fund her dreams. Yes, there are those who did make it on there own, but there are plenty more who did not and hubby helped bank roll their business. Lucky them! Do those same women say how much they appreciated his help and support? Nah.

Soooo…..for all you ladies who are struggling to make ends meet and for those who have much less than those “other “ women, I give you a big fat “BRAVO SISTAS’. You are the best of the best and what you’ve accomplished you’ve achieved it all on your own and you did it mostly your way and the hard way. But guess what? You appreciate what you do have! And I appreciate you for that.
As for those with so much and appreciate so little……when you grow-up maybe you can be just like those who have worked so hard and have much less than you, but who appreciate every single thing that’s good in their lives and who know they’ve earned it all. As for me….my bet is on the one’s who took the path of self-reliance and the path of those who appreciate all they have whether they are struggling moms or not.

Rock on Sistas. Rock on.

Have a wonderful week.

Sue Hulen
Contributing Editor

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