May 21, 2012

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Simple Decor`

When you’re watching a movie, program or commercial on TV do you notice what is in the background and the art on the walls? I would almost rather see those things than what they want you watch! It’s really interesting and I do this all the time. My eyes and attention always seem to drift right to the background.I started watching a movie last night and noticed a large vase in the background that was filled with rather large culm from the bamboo plant.

They were cut in long pieces and the cut was straight and clean. They were all of similar height. The nodes were not showing so I’m assuming they were removed. They were simple, but very attractive and effective. Soothing to the eye. I won’t say it was very “zen” as zen is much misused in decorating.

I used to have an old milk can that I loved and I had bought, years before,a large amount of Peacock feathers. They were very long and beautiful. The colors were magnificent. I placed them in the milk can until I could find something pretty to place them in. I liked the look of the Peacock feathers in the milk can and left them there. It was something simple, but very pretty and homey.
I like our home to be inviting, warm, simple and casual. Maybe I like it that way because I was raised with a mother who was (and still is) a perfectionist. The house had to be perfect at all times and even guests were uncomfortable as they were afraid they’d do something to make my mother’s perfect house not so perfect. It still drives me a bit crazy to see my mother cleaning an already spotless home every day.

Shabby Chic is my choice of décor and I’m noticing more and more the aged desks, night stands, end tables and cabinets. They look worn and homey. The colors of paints I prefer are the warm whites and sages. These are very simple and very sweet. It’s not just the Shabby chic style of décor that invites painting over old desks etc. I’m seeing it a lot in Pinterest and other sites. DIY channel and web sites also has refinishing furniture for today’s styles. Very cool. Yes, refinishing furniture been around forever, but the styles of the furnitureand the way they’re refinishing them is different.

Even quilting has become much more simplified. Check out some of thequilting sites and see some of their simple designs. Quilters are amazingartists. I’m very fascinated by their imagination and talents! You go Sistas.

So I guess I’m just putting it out there that simple seems to be coming not just a fad, but a lifestyle and life change. I love it. Never being a materialist or someone who likes keeping up with the Joneses, I love the new simplicity. It keeps us grounded somehow and keeps our lives in perspective. It’s certainly more comfortable and has much more personality than does some of the “modern” décor. Each to his own, of course, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with “modern” décor, but we all have our own tastes.

Try to be mindful of the backgrounds of whatever is on TV or in the movies. You may be quite surprised at what you see! It’s also great fun. At the end of a hard day and fighting traffic, people and demands of a job you should be able to come home to a place that’s comforting/soothing, warm and homey. Our homes should have a calming effect. Don’t you think?

Have a terrific week and keep dipping them brushes.

Sue Hulen

Contributing Editor

Some Examples of Shabby Chic

Sue Hulen

Contributing Editor

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