May 1, 2012

Sue's Views

Out With The Old and In With The New...Not So Much
Sue Hulen

Always being one to "surf" the net and see what's in and what's out inpainting and designs I've become a bit tired and, quite honestly, bored withthe newer designs in art. Am I alone or are any of you becoming bored withthe spirals, dots, stripes and squares (patchwork)?

Enough already. If we're going to change the more orthodox and realistic paintings then can we at least make it attractive and interesting? As an example I've noticed the beautiful Southwestern art being painted in ways that should not even be considered Southwestern art.

The beautiful rich colors have become either drab or colors being used that are not even prevalent in the Southwest. And my least favorite are those that are painted with abstract pots, feathers etc.  Please! It's not becoming to change something so much and yet call it "Southwestern art."

I'm just being a realist. I realize that art is subjective, but there are just some genres of art that shouldn't be changed to the extreme. Call me old fashioned, but when I view Southwestern art I want to see paintings that at least have some semblance of the Southwest. The richness of the colors of nature should not be changed in such an extreme way.

 I've actually viewed, online, an abstract feather that they called Southwestern! Here's a news flash for ya. It's not working. I do love art and I do love artists, but some things just should not be tampered with and changed too much along the way. It's fun to see truly wonderful artists play with a specific genre of art, but they do so with respect and a great artists eye. They don't go beyond the line of changing it until it's unrecognizable.

 That's just my opinion and my view and I'm sticking to it. For those who may disagree I respect your opinion as well. Not one of us will love every style of art, but we can respect others as well as our own right to paint how we choose without expecting everyone to like it.

And speaking of Southwestern art I must give Sharon Teal-Coray big fat kudos for bringing us such gorgeous and "true" Southwestern paintings. Thank you,Sharon. Sharon is to Southwestern painting what Nancy Noel is to Amish paintings. Enjoy all the colors that nature has blessed us with. What a gift.
Sue Hulen Contributing Editor

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