May 2, 2012

Product Review New Art Products

By Sharon Teal Coray

AllerAir 5000Vocarb Purifier

Working with oils I have found I need to do everything I can to reduce the fumes that accumlate in my studio. Even though I do use safe products I have a problem with my nose. My hubby says I can smell something two doors down the block, I have to agree I think I have an overly sensative ability to smell.
I found a new product that I am going to order and thought I would share it with you,
It is the AllerAir 5000Vocarb Purifier.
AllerAir 5000 Series Air Purifiers are designed for today’s modern home, office and art studio! Each is housed in a cylindrical steel container on sturdy casters for easy mobility. Vocarb models are dual purpose units for filtering out particles and solvents. D and DX models are geared more toward solvents and to clean out chemicals, gases and odors. Features powerful four-stage filtration system which easily cleans up 1500 sq ft of space having an 8 ft ceiling height.

A specially blended Vocarb activated carbon mix traps and removes specific chemicals often found in oils, adhesives, acrylics and many paints. This unit features 18 lbs. of Vocarb carbon for chemical filtration and a medical-grade HEPA filter rated at 99.97% efficiency to trap airborne particles down to 0.3 microns such aspollen, dust, mold, bacteria and pet dander. The HEPA filter helps prevent dust from settling on drying paint and also helps to reduce airborne particles from pastels, woodworking, sculpting etc. Weighs 40 lbs. 120V. 60 Hz. UL listed.

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Dryden Art and Canvas Keepers

Easily store, organize and transport your canvases, frames and more!
•Available in 2 syles: floor model or a table/ wall-mount model
•Safely store canvas, frames and works in progress!
•Perfect for classrooms, galleries and any home studio!
•Made of sturdy, lightweight steel

Tired of stacking and leaning canvases all over your house, classroom or studio? Dryden Art and Canvas Keepers are the solution you've been dreaming of! These convenient, sturdy, lightweight steel racks are the ideal solution for any studio that needs organizational help — and they're also great for bringing to shows! Perfect for storing canvas, panels, pads, drawing boards, framed and matted art and more, Dryden Art and Canvas Keepers are the ideal art organizers for home studios, galleries, schools and museums.

•Convenient and accessible organization for all your art

•Durable, lightweight, enameled steel construction

•Store canvases, panels, frames, drawing boards, paper pads, mat board and more!

•Vertical storage ensures items remain accessible at all times

•Perfect storage solution for studios, schools, galleries, and museums!

Available in two sizes — a smaller Table Model and a larger Floor Model — Dryden Art and Canvas Keepers are effective, affordable and mobile canvas organizers that actually work! As canvases are stored vertically, it's simple to find just the one you're looking for without having to move everything else. Get your canvases and frames off the floor and safely stored with these innovative and unique organizational racks!

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 Pebeo Gedeo Resins

Pebeo Gedeo Resins are transparent resins that are ideal for molding, coatings, lamination, and more. Their strength and transparency render a uniquely vitreous effect that replicates the look of glass.

Perfect for creating jewelry and pendants, or for making decorative embellishments and dimensional inclusions, Pebeo Gedeo Resins can also be used as a protective laminate or coating over art pieces.

Gedeo Resins are available in a variety of colors and can be used on canvas, metal, wood, pictures, post cards, and more. They dry within 24 hours to a shiny, hard, non-yellowing finish.
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