May 25, 2012

New Products for the Artist

By Sharon Teal Coray

I try to keep up on the new art products that are coming our way, here are some I recently found

Princeton Catalyst Silicone Blades

Not quite a brush. Not quite a palette knife. Catalyst tools are crafted from flexible silicone to allow artists a new form of expression. Catalyst Blades are mounted on artist brush handles offering a blend of tradition and innovation. Designed for use with heavy-bodied paints, Catalyst is at home with oils, acrylics, and water-miscible oils. Because they are heat-resistant, they excel with encaustics. Artists are using them with plaster, clay, and even frosting. Made of FDA-approved silicone, Catalyst Blades are even great for food crafting. Clean-up is a breeze, the silicone is easy to wipe clean and is solvent resistant. Clean up in most cases can be done with mild soap and water. Catalyst blades can even be separated from their wood handles for cleaning and easily replaced when dry. Dried paint can be peeled off the silicone surface. 

Princeton Series 6400 Catalyst Polytip Bristle

Princeton Series 6400 Catalyst Polytip Bristle brushes are another Princeton breakthrough that advances the science of synthetic hair. The 6400 series is super stiff yet still extremely responsive. Unlike natural hog bristle, Catalyst has real integrity in water. Natural bristle can be rendered useless when it is water-soaked. The true advance in Catalyst is the Polytip feature. For the first time, the tip of each individual hair has been split to replicate the natural flags on the finest natural bristle. By giving each individual hair 2 to 3 distinct tips, Catalyst is able to hold a higher volume of paint while providing a smoother application. Designed for use with medium to heavy-bodied acrylics and oil paints, Catalyst pushes even heavy gel mediums with assurance. Catalyst Polytip Bristle brushes truly are tools that move paint.

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Prismacolor Premier Brush-Fine Double Ended Art Marker Set, 48 Assorted Colors

Every artist can appreciate these double-ended art markers. The ink is formulated to give the absolute richest color saturation with silky smooth coverage. Each art marker offers a brush tip and a fine line tip allowing the artist to achieve multiple line widths whenever the mood strikes. One ink source ensures color consistency from either end. The alcohol, dye-based ink is non toxic.

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New Products from NAMTA

Ring Ruler™

The Ruler Comes Full Circle

The ALL NEW Ring Ruler is a remarkably simple tool for creating and measuring circles and arcs. This patented technology rethinks the old pivot-based system and employs a more intuitive and ergonomic solution. The Ring Ruler's conical design and flexible material allows the user to adjust the size of the desired circle by contracting or expanding the ring- and then snapping into place for a semi-permanent hold. Easily achieve circles between 2" - 6" in diameter. In addition to diameter metrics, the Ring Ruler even measures arc length (circumference). It is available in both U.S. Standard and metric scales.

Ring Ruler makes measuring circles and 3D spherical and cylindrical objects easier than ever before. The translucent material allows for clear visibility and tracing along the inner profile. Drawing an accurately measured circle or arc literally takes less than a second. It's fun, easy and SAFE for children and individuals of all ages.

Ampersand Artist Panel

The Artist Panel™ in Unprimed Basswood and Primed Smooth finishes

Two great new additions to your surface department! Ampersand now offers the value series Artist Panel™ in both a premium select Unprimed Basswood finish and a Primed Smooth wood panel that’s fully primed around all sides.

The Unprimed Basswood accepts all types of painting grounds and is great for encaustic, mixed media, collage and wood engraving. Compared with other wood panels on the market, the Unprimed Basswood is sanded perfectly smooth and lacks plywood seams, knots or raised fibers providing the cleaner, more professional look artists’ want.

The Primed Smooth panel has a fully primed paintable top and sides that is ideal for all painting styles. The Primed Smooth wood panels are ready to use for painting with oils, acrylics and mixed media and also for mounting papers or canvas. Now Artists can wrap their images over the edge without any extra prep work.

Both new Artist Panels are available in two standard cradled profiles, 7/8” and 1.5”, that are simple to hang or frame. Ultra-stable, these wood panels will not give, bend or flex and like all Ampersand’s panels, they are made with quality materials that have been tested not only for durability, but also for performance with artists’ paints.

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Canson - ArtBook 180

180° Artist Book is the elegant sketch book made with superior Sketch paper with a fine tooth that is suitable for a variety of dry media. The paper erases cleanly, and is smudge resistant. The well constructed "Coptic" Binding allows this book to open completely flat allowing the artist to create from one page to the next. Each book has an elegant magnetic closure to protect the work inside.

Gamblin FastMatte™ Alkyd Oil Colors

Expanded, 24-Color Palette and Display Rack Available Now!

Inspiration shouldn't have to wait. With FastMatteTM colors, artists can stay in the flow and take their paintings further, faster than ever before. FastMatte colors enable artists to extend painting sessions, use color and texture freely, and add layers without stopping, waiting or compromising.

FastMatte colors carry the same intensity of color as our traditional oils and dry in 24-hours to an elegant, matte surface. The matte surface gives colors a deep, soft luster and is ideal for grabbing subsequent paint layers. FastMatte colors are compatible with Gamblin painting mediums and our traditional oil colors. To learn more, check-out our FastMatte video.

Gamblin FastMatte. Take your painting further.™ All Gamblin materials are handcrafted at our wind-powered factory in Portland, Oregon. For more information, please contact Kaitlin Cloninger at 503-235-1945x21.

New Copic Colors

Copic Marker is pleased to introduce 12 new colors, bringing the total number of Copic colors available to 358! These 12 new meticulously developed colors are available in the Sketch marker style and in Various Ink refills and are guaranteed in color consistency. Visit your favorite local or online Copic retailer to add these beautiful colors to your collection: G43 Pistachio, G46 Mistletoe, BG57 Jasper, BG90 Gray Sky, E84 Khaki, E89 Pecan, BV34 Bluebell, V22 Ash Lavender, V28 Eggplant, RV52 Cotton Candy, R56 Currant and YR27 Tuscan Orange.

Copic’s refillable markers are the perfect tools for professional illustration, product rendering, design and manga. Their alcohol based ink blends smoothly and dries acid free.

This soft sided portable case is big enough to hold the entire Copic color spectrum. Six removable mesh carry cups fit in the case’s hard shell interior, allowing you to hold up to 380 Sketch, or combination of Various Ink, Original, Ciao or Wide markers and other tools with ease. Prefer to keep your markers organized in their original plastic holders? You can remove the mesh cups, and the case will easily hold your plastic cases that came with the purchase of your set. The Copic carry case will hold three 72-piece or eight 36-piece plastic cases. The top zipper closure and shoulder strap make transporting your tools a breeze. This carrying case is the perfect gift for the Copic lover who has everything!

Tombow's Irojitsens

Tombow’s Irojitens are beautifully crafted, premium quality color pencils. Irojiten means color dictionary and the uniquely packaged booklets have three editions per set, ten pencils per edition. Each edition offers color pallets in pale, vivid and deep tones. Available in 90 glorious colors, the Irojiten pencils are also available open stock.

They feature high quality lead, strong pigment and crafted with hard wood. The white enameled finish offers a comfortable, fatigue free surface when holding the pencils for long periods. The color palette includes rare combinations such as the ten vibrant fluorescent hues, giving drawings electrifying attention. The fluorescents also blend well with standard tones for that extra-added accent. Included in the color palette are pale tones and subtle light grayish tones that are wonderful for working on colored papers and rendering shades.

Irojiten color pencils also plays well with other mediums, they work with both dye or pigment stamped images or drawings done with permanent markers. They blend nicely with Tombow’s Dual Brush Pens or with Tombow drawing pencils for multi-medium works. Irojiten pencil lead is hard and dense which results in less work to fill in color fields. This perfect lead hardness makes Irojiten pencils great for precise details and sharp lines but also soft enough for layering, shading and blending.
Available in sets, open stock and retail display. Single Irojiten Color Pencil: MSRP $2.99

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