May 10, 2012

The Color Coach

Sharon Teal Coray

Different ways to set up your palette

The way you organize your palette is very important. If you do it the same way every time you will form a habit and you will always know where each color is. If you just put dabs of color here and there with no  organization you will end up  searching for the color you need. Start each painting session with a clean palette and go from there.  There are many ways of setting your palette. I love to use a warm and cool arrangment but each artist needs to find what works best for him.

A common mistake a beginner wil make is to use a large number of pigments in every painting. Below are some ways you can use a limited palette and an ulimited palette. It is fun to experiment with them!


All illustrations are copyrighted by Sharon Teal Coray 2012

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