May 8, 2012

Book Review

Sharon Teal Coray

I just got a copy of Linda Lovers newest book, and it is one of her best. Linda has a way with flowers and you can tell that she loves them the was she captures every little detail. She captures them in such a way that they look very real!
I have seen her at work one time at the Las Vegas Convention, I gave her a set of my glazes to play around with and her genius mind came up with all sorts of things she could do with them. The way I would describe how she paints is sort of like poetry.

This book is filled with flowers of all kinds, Calla Lily's, Lily of the Valley, California Poppies, Amaryllis, Moss rose, Morning Glory, Coreopsis, Geranium, Daisy, Trumpet Vine, and Clematis.

Her detailed examples of how to paint these and their leaves is incredible and is so much help for the painter.
This is one flower book that you won't want to miss.

 Congratulations Linda you did good!

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