May 7, 2012

Adventures with Jill

Buying Brushes is a real job!
Jill Smith
I think I have to get more brushes because the ones that I started out with were not really the quality I wanted and they are looking a bit sad!

I began by looking at some art suppliers on the internet, there are a lot of them, I checked out my local art stores and craft stores and then I looked around at some artists I had seem on the Artists Club who had their own brushes. By this time my head was spinning............. 

One could really get confused about what to buy and if I am correct I see a lot of brushes out there that look exactly the same as another only the handle is different. I started comparing brushes and prices and that is one scary place to go if you don’t know what you are looking for. HELP..................

So I decided that I would just stick to the basics and not go for some of the Artists name brand, (Private Labels) as they are the same as many others out there and they usually cost more. I feel like some of the brush companies I looked at had a lot of the same type of brushes to sell and it appears that they come out with new ones each year.
Some of them are sort of funny looking and I wonder who sits around and thinks that a brush cut real weird is a good idea???

But in all honesty…I must ask just how many different types of brushes does one need? Plus who can afford all of them? I know… I know… you have to get the right brush for the right medium but come on…. lets get real here!

I saw a couple of artists who had their own label and they looked exactly like each other’s except the handle was different. Now if I were not as astute as I am (LOL) I just might have fallen for they’re advertising and purchased them only to get the same brush and spend double the money. Hey! I don’t have a money tree in my back yard do you?

I want quality regular art brushes that will hold up and not have the paint chip off the handle or the ferrule come off.

Is it possible that a brush company comes out with a new product that does not move so they put a new handle on it and call it a “New” brush? I have seen this in other industries so why not in the brush industry? It looks sorta suspicious!

I guess they think artistic people are dumb. Sorry guys I am not stupid, I have been around the block a few times and what looks like a gimmick is usually a gimmick!

Sharon suggested that I look at Scharff Brushes, which I did, and I found that they carry a great line of brushes and they don’t have a bunch of new ones every year. They just carry what an artist needs. No fancy cut brushes that are good for one thing only.

Oh and this is something I found interesting….do you really need a special brush to paint on glass???? Or, how can one stencil brush be different from another?
Painters out their be aware of what you are buying, you may be getting duplicates and don’t even know it! Take time and research your purchases. Buy the best you can afford!

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