Apr 5, 2012

New work by Judith Edwards-White

In 2010 I featured a wonderful artist Judith Edwards, because her work is so outstanding I thought it would be nice to see what she has been up to. It is my pleasure to feature her again and her beautiful scratchart!
For anyone who wants to learn how to do this Judith offers gorgeous pattern packets on her site!~
Thank you Judith for sharing with us!


Back in 2008 scratchboard art was relatively unheard of in Australia although after having had my scratchboard publications in the Australian Fine Art & Decorative Painting magazine, the Australian Artist and Aus. Artists Palette it is becoming more well known now and gaining in popularity.
Scratchboard art is a very time consuming medium and is done by scratching thousands of lines or dots with a craft knife or other sharp instrument on a clayboard which is a masonite board covered with white Kaolin clay and then covered with a layer of black ink, it is a strong board that can handle not only repeated scratching with a craft knife or scalpel but also the abrasiveness of using a fiberglass brush, a tool I cannot do without, or fine steel wool which enables different effects to be achieved. Scratching away at the black ink using varying pressure will gradually reveal the white clay underneath and consequently reveal the image. The board I use for my scratchart is made in the USA by Ampersand.
All animals are great subjects in scratch with dogs being my favorite of all as I love to see their personality develop as the work progresses, but there is no subject matter that cannot be done in this medium.

I have been fortunate to receive in the past two years a few more awards with the most exciting of all when I entered the Lockyer Valley Regional Art Awards and gained 1st place in the “Animal Category” and “Champion of the Show” for my “Animal Magnetism” piece and more recently in February 2012 a Highly Commended in the Queensland Wildlife Art Society’s “International Wildlife in Art” for my scratchboard of “Timba”.
Unfortunately though when scratchboard artists have entered their works into shows, the organizers have not known which category to put this medium into and even excluded it or suggested it should go into craft and mixed media which has been my own personal experience.

The most exciting event for all scratchboard artists was the formation last year of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists http://www.scratchboardsociety.com/ or ISSA for short, so that this distinctive art receives the recognition it deserves as fine art.

In July 2011 I was accepted into the new society as a Master Scratchboard Artist (MSA) along with fellow Aussie Patrick Hedges, when a set of initial Master members were juried into the ISSA by a panel of three outside jurors, all highly esteemed professional artists themselves.

Animal Magnetism

A Drover and his dog



Garden Beauty

Joy Ride

Precious Cargo

Resting Place

Splash'n Good Time

Yesterday's Memoires

Judith Edwards-White
Brisbane, Queensland

email: judithew@optusnet.com.au
Website: http://judithedwards-white.weebly.com
My Art Blog: http://httpmyblogblogspotcom-judy.blogspot.com/
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ISSA: http://www.scratchboardsociety.com/index.html

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