Apr 22, 2012

Adventures with Jill

By Jill Smith

What the heck is wrong with this picture!

OK I am starting to paint more and I am loving it but I have one big problem......I am starting to feel like I am being selfish for taking this time every day just for me...yep little ole me!  Who said I was had the right to do this? I mean after all shouldn't I be doing the household chores and the laundry?  Boy my inner voice is really having a hey day with me!
I never want anyone to think I am a selfish person, but lately the more time I spend on painting the more guilt I feel!
OK.... what is wrong with this thinking? I don't want to be racked with feelings of guilt...but I so love the time I spend painting. Is that bad? Is it selfish?

Since I am feeling this way I decided to try to figure out how time spent painting will help me instead of making me feel guilty. So here goes nothing............
Does this make me a better person?  Well I think that is a no-brainer, I have noticed that I have been a lot less stressed and more care-free since I started painting. I am happier than I used to be that is for sure!

SOOOOO,  if I am happier and nicer to be around my family will certainly benefit from this! OK so there is one reason...hmmmmmm...

I am finding that I feel like I have helped a few of my friends to start doing something creative, one has taken up beadwork and the other is into pottery. So that is a good thing...
Wow! I have actually inspired others...yes that is a good thing and not selfish!

I have found that the more I learn the more I want to share with my art friends, it would be selfish not to...so I am good here.
Looking at what I have written I now feel like I am a very good person who deserves some time to do what I love, after all we are all here for such a short time why not enjoy each day and do what you love? 

 That is if you have all you chores done! LOL! 

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