Apr 4, 2012

Artist of the Month Maud Humphrey Bogart

Maud Humphrey, Artist, Illustrator and Watercolorist (New York 1868-1940)

Maud and her son Humphry Bogart (actor)

I have collected two of her limited edition figurines and because I have loved them so much thought she would be a great artist of the month. Her work is so beautiful!

Maud Humphrey was born March 30, 1868 in Rochester, New York to John Perkins Humphrey and Frances V. Dewey Churchill. Raised in the 3rd Ward an area of the Rochester elite. The pride of her prominent family origins is apparent with the use of her maiden name in the signature on all her art. She started drawing at a young age. At the age of 12 she studied under Reverend James H.

Maud Humphrey was one of the most popular illustrators in America at the turn of the century. Unfortunately, through the years, Maud's impact on American illustration was lost, until it seemed her only claim to fame was as the mother of Hollywood legend Humphrey Bogart.
 Maud's role on the American art scene was as remarkable as any role her son ever played on stage or screen. Today, there is a resurgence of interest in Maud Humphrey's work. 

This new book about her takes a  look at a young woman growing up in Victorian times and the limitations those times set before her. Maud went beyond the limitations to become an early suffragette; she maintained her art career even after marriage and a family.
Many of her images grace the pages of this biography and bring her art to life.

Her "Humphrey Baby," a series of watercolors romanticizing infants wearing long curls, period garments, and innocent smiles, was famous in America and throughout the world
She died in 1940

Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale)
Los Angeles County
California, USA
Plot: Great Mausoleum, Protection Columbarium

These are the two figurines I own, one the little girl is trying to feed a cat some grapes, and the other she has a ribbon around the cat's neck taking him for a walk!

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