Mar 3, 2012

Tips and Techniques

Common Oil Painting Techniques
Sharon Teal-Coray

To blend your oils together keep you paint thin. Join the areas of color with a clean brush moving in the direction of the original strokes you painted. 

Apply a Wash
Some artists like to start off with a layer of thin paint called a "wash"
Thin the paint with your turp, this is so thin that it may run but that is how you want it.

Rubbing it in
This will be a thin application but not as thin as a "wash". This the paint and just rub into  the surface vigorously.
This term is used to describe a think solid application of paint It is usually reserved for the highlights. You can use a brush or a knife for this application.

Lay it on!
You can use a knife to apply a broad sweep of paint. Use it for textured backgrounds.

This is the techniqueof applying a lighter semitransparent color over a darker hue. It creates an optical illusion that the two colors are mixed

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