Mar 8, 2012

Painting Tips

Painting Tips


Sharon Teal Coray

How should an artist sign his work?

I have found that most of my students worried about how to sign their finished work. It is so simple, just sing and date your work in the same manner that you would on a letter or document or develop a specific style to use only on your paintings. Remember to include the copyright symbol.

Keep in mind that it is a good idea to have the signature part of the design element of the painting in size, color and placement. Don’t just sign your first name. Keep it small and in the same place on each painting.

How do you reattach a brush to the handle?

Now What!

This is one problem that water media artists face a lot because lots of water is involved in the painting process. If the handle only wobbles but is not entirely removable, crimping with pliers will only distort the shape of the ferrule and make matters worse.

I have found that you can punch a couple of small holes with an awl into the opposites of the ferrule, the awl drives the metal into the wood and presto the wobble is stopped. Once you have done this it is a good idea to coat the holes with a clear lacquer or enamel paint.

If the handle is completely off, use an epoxy glue to reattach the ferrule.

One word of caution never let your brushes sit in water, this will not only ruin the shape but it will cause the handles to come loose.

Mixing Oils

When you mix oils make sure you don’t over do it, if you keep mixing and mixing your paint will sparkle and freshness of the color will diminish.

Repair a Canvas

I had a painting that got a small slash in it during an art show. Something must have hit it and damaged it. To repair it I simply took a small piece of canvas and glued it to the back of the canvas over the cut. Then on the painted side I applied a layer of white paint with Cobalt drier in it over the cut and let it dry, making sure that there were no hard edges. When it was completely dry I repainted the area. It cannot bee seen at all. IF I had been working with acrylics I would have used Gesso instead of the white paint.

Getting Oil out of your Clothes

If you have ever gotten oil paint on your clothes and didn’t know how to get it out here is a handy tip that my students and I used that worked wonders.

Simply spray the area with “Oven Cleaner” yes that is what I said! For some reason this works and never harms the fabric, and it even works on something that has been washed and dried in the dryer!

Prevent Oil Paint from drying on brushes

There have been times when I found I had to finish up painting and didn’t have time to properly clean my brushes. With oils this is not a big problem as the oil dries so slowly however, if you use a siccative then you will need to do something to prevent them from drying before you get back to clean them. I have found that if I dip them into my cleaner (I used Turpenoid Natural) and then place them in a plaice Ziploc and then into the freezer they will stay nice and soft until I get back to clean them properly. This also works for your palette if you don’t want your colors to dry out and your not going to be working with them for a few days, cover the palette with plastic wrap and place it in the freezer.

Keeping brushes organized

I used to have my brushes in one big container. They were all mixed together and when I wanted a certain one it was not easy to find. Now I use a smaller brush holder for each kind of brushes. One for Brights, flats, filberts, fans, and detail brushes. These have separate compartments so I can keep the different sizes together. They revolve so I can always find the brush I need.

This brush holder is avalibe at

Want a big Palette?

When I paint with oils I need lots of room for mixing, I have found that using a large drawing board with a clip on the end and Reynolds Freezer paper works wonders! Be sure to get Freezer paper, which has a plastic coating not just butcher paper.

I found the freezer Paper at WalMart and if your store does not have it you can order it online

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