Mar 3, 2012

Outstanding Artists of Today

Being an artist for so long I have a very large collection of Art magazines. Looking through some from way back I found some delightful artists that I want to share with you.
The first one of the series is;

Linda Stanton Moore

I have loved Photo-realism all of my life, and I know that some consider this type of work to be impersonal and inferior to other types.
They are certainly entitled to their opinions but I know it is harder to capture the tiny details in a painting like these rather than painting with big broad strokes. It takes a lot of talent and patience.
So here I will share some of Linda's outstanding works and what she has said about her art.
Linda has the ability to depict objects of beauty with such character as to make the viewer want to touch them to see if they are real. For Moore, the longing to touch is the ultimate confirmation of a work’s authenticity.

In her world the viewer is welcomed as an active participant. They are drawn into her paintings. She carefully arranges her still life compositions subjects one at a time taking into account the textures, contrasting hues, direction of light, that will be pleasing to the eye. Her wish is to bring the viewer closer to take a look at her details.
It is slow work for her, she once timed herself and found it took one hour to paint one square inch of a crystal cruet on canvas. It may take her up to two hundred and fifty hours to complete a complicated painting but she feels it is truly worth it.

Here is her original set up for the painting below. She spends hours searching out her objects.

"A Job Remembered"

Copper,Tea and Shakspeare

 The challenge of capturing and transmitting this sort of art of intricacy is clearly what attracts Moore to realism. As she admits, "I love painting the way I do; it's such a discipline. I am intrigued by intricacy such as the pile of a carpet, or the way the surface of a cranberry shines, or the glowing flame inside a lamp"

Sharon Teal-Coray

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