Mar 6, 2012

Artists Life Journal


Sue Helen

Your journal can be about whatever you’d like it to be regarding your art. You can add artwork and photos of your work from when you started until present, favorite paint colors, favorite brushes and other tools. It can have instructions on specific projects or articles regarding art that you especially enjoyed. You can list favorite or most helpful books about art or even favorite quotes pertaining to art.

You can make it your own and simply call it My Artistic Journey. Maybe you want to add some funny stories about things that have happened to you while painting or about some of the art you’d created that maybe didn’t turn out as planned. You know the ones….the “OOOPS” pieces.

I think it would be really nice to have a color mixing chart and a chart that shows what colors of glazes goes best with the colors in your paintings. How about a “wish list” of supplies you’d love to have, but have just never purchased them as yet. Even a list of your favorite art supply stores would be helpful. Don't forget to add tricks and tips you've learned on your artistic journey.

As for me it would help me a lot if I had photos of subjects I’d love to paint one day and links to web sites that interest me and go back to them often. Links to some of my own favorite artists would be a nice thing to have as well. Take photos of the art you’ve created and put them in your journal as well. You may have given some as gifts or sold some of your work so having photos in your journal would be great.

You can look back at them now and then and smile at all of your beautiful and fun artistic accomplishments. It will also be a wonderful tool of encouragement because you will see how much you’ve grown as an artist from where you were “back then.”

This Artists Life Journal/Journey could be so much fun and it could also be a personal challenge. I’m a very organized person and a very detailed person so this journal would be perfect….not to mention how it could challenge my creativity. Covers made from watercolor paper would be really nice and paint your own artwork on the front and the back of the covers. Pretty ribbon or raffia would be a nice touch for the binding of it. Make sections so you can have it organized and less chaotic. So many ideas.

A journal may not peak the interest of some, but for many I think you would find it a great project that you could keep going for years and years. You’re only limited to your own imagination and it would be a wonderful gift to pass down to others one day.

My wish for you all is that you have a long artistic journey and lots of artwork to fill many Artists Life Journals.

Happy journey!!

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