Feb 28, 2012

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Dust Off That Sketch Pad…..Spring Is Almost Here
By Sue Hulen
For most of us I think this will be known as “The Winter That Wasn’t.” So many of us have been blessed with a really beautiful winter. After the past two winters this has been a real pleasure.
We have a bird feeder close to the house and I so enjoy watching all the birds feeding and listening to their chirps and their singing. They’re so free and seem so happy. They must know that spring is almost here, too.
Since the weather has been so friendly I believe I’ll dust off the ol’

sketch pad and sketch some winter trees before the new buds begin to appear on the branches. There are fruit trees, like our apple tree and ornamental, Bradford pear trees like the ones in our neighbor’s yard. They are beautiful.

We have a walnut tree as well. It won’t be long and our Concord grape vine will have its new leaves and the lilac trees will have buds. Already our peonies and lilies are growing their leaves and they are about a foot tall. Amazing. My lavender plants are still in the dormant stage right now, but I’m so looking forward to seeing if I get some blooms on them this year.
Last year I grew so many herbs that I won’t need to plant as many this year. I had a large harvest of many different herbs and some of them I use a lot of so will plant more again this year. I want to sketch the herbs this year. I kept saying that I was going to sketch them last year, but just never did. Such a shame, too, because they were so beautiful.
Just think about all the beautiful sketches you can make once the blooms start coming on the plants. The gorgeous iris, lilies, peonies, roses and so much more. Are you getting excited about spring? I love spring because everything is brand new and so fresh and clean. It’s like new beginnings.
Maybe I will even make an attempt at sketching birds. We have so many sparrows, cardinals, snow birds and doves. We even have a beautiful barn owl, finches, humming birds and hawks. Lots of birds to choose from should I actually make the effort to sketch them.
Have a peaceful week and take a deep breath. Spring is in the air….just take a moment to smell it.
All is well in my world and I hope all is well in yours.
Sue Hulen

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