Feb 2, 2012

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Dialing Down and Cleaning Up The Mess

By Sue Hulen

So many times I’ve heard artists say “I have so much “stuff” and need to go

through it and get rid of some of it.” Most of us say it, but it takes

forever to actually accomplish it. Right? Here’s some ideas that may give

you an incentive to clean-up the mess and do something positive with what

you really don't need or want.

1. Invite kids in your neighborhood to a painting party. You will be using

supplies you don't want or need while teaching children how to paint. By

teaching the kids you will be introducing them to the world of painting and

many of them will continue painting for many years.  Then they can

introduce others to painting. It keeps painting alive and well. Keep

encouraging them to let their creativity shine. Some of your local Community

Centers and churches would let you teach painting in their buildings.

Contact some places to see who would be willing to help out.

2. Invite ladies from your neighborhood and do the same thing as with the

kids. Give monthly lessons or whatever your time permits. Use the books,

paints, woodlets etc. that you don't want any more. This could be so much

fun and many of those ladies will continue on painting, as well. Who knows,

you may even make some great friends through your painting sessions.

3. For those of you who are painting instructors you can try and notice

which of your students could use some supplies, but just can’t afford to buy

them right now and give them some of those supplies. After all, you were

going to just throw them away anyway. Why not help someone out instead of

throwing them away?

4. Contact schools who offer nightly art classes and offer some supplies to

them. With all the cut backs in the schools now it would be received gladly.

5. Maybe some of the local nursing homes offer painting and art classes to

those who are living there. They would love to have supplies, I should think

They may even ask you to teach there.

Maybe you can come up with even more ideas on what to do with all the

unwanted art supplies you have cluttering up your home. Why throw it all

away when so many could use them?

Once you've removed all the “stuff” you'll have a lot more room in your home.

This might be a great time to start dialing down on how much you buy. I am

of the belief that when in doubt don't buy it. It’s always nice to purchase

things now and then, but we really can get carried away and go a bit crazy.

It reminds me of someone I know who had come home with a pool stick. His

wife asked him why he bought it and he said “Because it was on sale at a

good price.” To which his wife replies “But, we don't own a pool table.” I

still laugh when I think of that.

Less clutter means more space to create. If our home is unorganized…our

lives tend to be unorganized. We also save a lot of money by being careful

what we buy. It’s easy to say “Oh this is on sale. I can't pass this sale up

I don't know when it will be on sale again.” That’s fine, but when will you

actually use what you just bought that was such a great buy? How many extra

supplies do you have just laying around and not being used that were great

buys? LOL

Share what you don't want and see how happy it makes others. You'll be so

glad you did. Sharing is a wonderful gift that makes our spirit smile.

Sue Hulen


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