Feb 26, 2012

My friend, Sharon

I’ve been a friend of Sharon’s for many years now. The first time I met her I was in awe of the paintings she had brought to one of the shows. As we talked about art related topics, I immediately felt as though we had been friends for years. That’s the kind of person Sharon is. She puts you at ease immediately and she is so generously willing to share her knowledge of painting. She has a quick laugh and an engaging sense of humor.

Later at that same show, she came to the booth I was at and gave me a packet of her beautiful glazes to work with. She took the time to explain how she used them in her own paintings. That made quite an impression on me. She was, and continues to be, such a wonderful example of a giving artist. And that was my first perception of Sharon.

As I got to know her, I found out that she is also very creative and talented beyond her art. She has designed several specialty brush styles that some companies have used and, unfortunately, she received no credit or royalties for them. So she developed her own brush for fur which is fantastic.
You can simply read the reviews for it and see what a successful product this has been. She has also developed many other art related products such as her soft scrub brush basin and highly pigmented glazes. Sharon’s Purple Palette Magazine is one of the best e-zines in the industry today, and has been used as a model for others.

There is such a wealth of information which is always kept current. Her passion for painting is evident and she enthusiastically invites other artists to share their knowledge and work as well. Sharon has quite a following world wide and I’m sure everyone is very appreciative for all the time and effort she puts into her magazine.

She manages to stay positive in her blogs and keep it art related despite her experiences with a cyber bully. I know Sharon as a faithful Christian and she continues to take the high road. Kudos to you, Sharon, for all that you do. I hope you will continue to keep all of us painters/readers informed and encouraged as you have over these past few years.

Linda Lover

New Free Pattern Blog

New Free Pattern Blog
Sharon Teal Coray has a new blog offering free patterns! Updated often! Check it out!