Feb 22, 2012

"Brush Smarts"

Brush Smarts


Sue Hulen

Chinese Brush Painting Brush:


This is an Orchid Bamboo brush used in Chinese brush painting. It's a hard bristle brush and comes to a point. You need to have a soft touch to use these brushes (and most other Chinese brush painting brushes) or you will never get the point on your brush.

The brush gives lovely fine lines once you have the point, but it also gives the fullness of the bamboo leaves. It's amazing how versatile this brush really is. I paint the entire orchid plant with it as well as the entire bamboo plant.

This is a very long brush with rather large wood handle and long bristle. When using Chinese brushes you need to hold them in a specific way. They're held vertical (straight up) and you must hold the staff between your thumb and pointy fingers and between the ring finger and middle finger. It's extremely awkward for awhile, but you do get used to it. The pinky finger just sort of hangs out by itself.

The brush painting brushes will have Chinese letters on each one. The letters (characters) tell you which brush you are using. When you go to an art supply store that carries brush painting supplies they will tell you (in English) which brushes they are. You can go to Blue Heron Arts and Henry Li can help you with everything you need to know. He has all the supplies and he's a fantastic artist.

I hope this information has helped you to see how important different brushes are. Choose the right brush and get the right results.

Bamboo Leaves

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