Feb 27, 2012

Art from the Heart


Sharon Teal-Coray

Today I have been updating some of my websites I created and manage and thinking about the next projects for my new book that will be coming out the first of next year. I find it interesting that when I am doing the creative work on websites my brain starts thinking of all sorts of ideas to paint. I guess that is because I am totally into my "right" brain.

I am so thrilled about this new book, as I am going back to my fine art roots and it will be with oils and the subject will be the southwest, two of my great loves! It will be more instructional which I love!

The last few years I did some books on Decorative art that really were not what I loved as much as my fine art but they did pay the bills! So I cannot complain one iota! I was paid for something I love doing, it can't get any better than that!

However working on wood with acrylics has never been my true love. I need to feel the canvas under my brush and mix the oils with my knife to get the feeling of really being in the "moment" of creating.

Working with my publisher is great and it is nice to be so valued in this industry as to keep having my books printed at no expense to me.

To be mixing colors again is so refreshing and makes me wonder how I have gone so long not doing so.

Things have changed in the Decorative field as now you only make so much on each book. When the first book I had come out with Leisure Arts I was paid a royalty up front for over $3,000.00 plus 7% royalties on all sales. The second two was over $2,000.00 for each one plus the royalties. This industry has really changed, so has the fine arts gallery industry.

It is harder to get into a gallery now and harder to sell a painting for thousands of dollars.

I am happy to say that I have had the great privilege in my life to be in those beautiful galleries and sell a great deal of my paintings when things were better in this country.

What a great opportunity that was for me!

In the end, I look at it this way, I really didn't do anything alone, I had the help of God who used me as an instrument to create paintings.

I count my many blessings every day!

One of my favorite things that happened to me one day at the Park City Arts Festival in Park City Utah, is when I was sitting in the gallery where my work was hung, I was finishing a painting of a southwestern still life, a man came up behind me and watched me paint for about 20 minutes, then he asked me "How long has it taken to paint this?" My reply to him was "Oh about 20 years!" He had a good chuckle and then I explained to him that in reality that is how long it took for me to get that far, to perfect my art and ....to be able to paint that well!

So tomorrow will be my 51st wedding anniversary (I was 9 when I got married! LOL!) I will spend it in my studio painting...what a glorious way to spend the day! Then my sweet hubby will fix us a beautiful dinner.....could it get any better?

Thank you God for all your blessings!

Always be thankful for the gifts God has given you!

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