Jan 28, 2012

This you have to see!

23 years in the making....
"History Holds The Future"
4' x 8' Oil-Alkyd on Linen
Collection of Dr. Christine and Dennis Fisher--Hays, Kansas
Painting started in 1986 finished October 2, 2009

This wonderful painting took Bruce Burkholder 23 years to finish.
This is a perfect example of why I love "realism" in art!
To see the progression of this masterpiece go to:

Photograph painting was taken from

Detail from painting......

10th Street 1886 Hays, Kansas


Bruce Burkholder

There is a time and place for all styles of art, from computers to the human touch. One fine Christmas morning in 1959, at the age of seven, I received a drawing set, and from that point on I mentally knew I was an artist. Even from my kindergarten days jumbo crayons would excite me. My art has always been. My life pursuit of art has never ended and my art will never end no matter what roller coaster ride comes my way. Being a realist painter the paintings take long tedious hours, months and years to complete. There are no short cuts for the way I paint.
 I'm not into the quantity I strive for the quality of what I do. I work from my own photographs, with the exception of commission works. Those are done with what sources are supplied from me or from the client. Photographs allow me to study the subject over and over.
The photos are like road maps for the way I paint. It’s not always what we see, but what we feel when we see. Brush strokes are like musical notes or words in a book, misplaced or used incorrectly and the meaning is lost. Almost ever realistic painting I do is done from a photograph.
 I let things happen as they are, I usually don't set up subjects for my paintings. I like to let the reactions to a certain subject take care it of itself. At times I rearrange the composition, but I like to stay close to the natural situation.
Every realistic painting goes through many abstract stages before the real illusion is reached. I find great pleasure in seeing things as they are, because sometimes the real things are so unreal. My direction is to reach the most people that I can with my work. To give people pleasure in what they see and feel with my art. The goal is to share my creative feelings so that others may enjoy my work and that the art can give life back long after the days I've spent on this planet.

We are all individual’s, as not one person on this planet earth can stand exactly where you stand at any given time.

We live in a rocking chair of time since we can see our past we can view our present, and try to catch up with the future.

When we close our eyes, our eyelids become movie screens for our dreams.

What an inspiration this man is!

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