Jan 14, 2012

New Year ....time to organize!

One of my yearly resolutions is to get my studio in shape. I am sure there are lots of artists out there that want the same thing so here are some great suggestions and where you can get these organizers so you can really start the new year off on the right foot!

Revolving Brush Holder

This is the nicest way to get organized! I have several and keep like brushes together!

This holder revolves easily on ball bearings so your supplies are always easy to reach!
This has 6 separate areas on the outside and one in the center.
Holds lots of brushes, pencils, pens, scissors or whatever, for the painter or scrapper!

This has six outside compartments and on in the center and are deep enough to keep your supppies in place.

You can purchase this at: www.sharonteal-coray.com

                          Wood Acrylic Paint Bottle Holder

This paint holder is avaliable at the address below. A great way to organize your paints!




Paint Rack

by Ginger's Cameo


Art Magazine holders

New Free Pattern Blog

New Free Pattern Blog
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