Jan 3, 2012

Adventures with Jill

I would like to intoduce Jill Smith, she has a great story and has agreed to let us follow her as she makes her dream of becoming an artist come true!

I came across this quote and it fit my day!

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no ones definition of your life. Define yourself."~Harvey Fierstein ~

I was trying my hand at painting again and came across this blog. I love reading all the great articles and have really enjoyed how much information is here and how much I have learned. I emailed Sharon about what I have been going through and asked her for some advice and she asked if I would consider writing about this problem for her blog.
I love to write and feel it is a great creative outlet and a wonderful opportunity! I have wanted to get back to painting for a long time and just recently got started. I took many classes in high school but that was all, I was told I had a real talent.
I told my friend that I was considering taking a night course in painting at the local high school and
this inspired her to join me. I was really happy to have a partner that knew as little as I did join me on this adventure. The happiness stopped here.
The first class was a little stressful for me as I am sort of an introvert, and for the teacher to come around and start to critique what I was doing the first class sort of knocked the wind out of me. I told myself that I needed to keep going if I wanted to do this great endeavor I had longed for, so I pushed on and tried not to break out in tears when he came back to tell me that the painting was not going so well and maybe I should re-consider being an artist.
This man had the manners of a jackass, but hey what did I know I thought he was right, after all he “was’ an artist and teacher.
So the next week I dreaded the class, but like a little trouper I went with a heavy heart. My neighbor on the other hand was delighted and couldn’t wait and she loved it, of course it seemed that it just came easy for her.
So once again when he reached my easel he started picking everything I had done apart, not in a nice helpful way, but in a nasty” attacking me” way.
I felt like he had something personal against me. He was not that way with the other students, so why with me?
I was so intimated by this man that by the third lesson I was literally shaking inside as I walked into the class. I had been working on a simple still-life and I mean simple, three lemons on a table with a simple vase. Once again he was there with his cruel remarks, telling me that I really just didn’t seem to be the “artistic’ type. I just sat there and said nothing everyone looking at me.
The next week I stayed home.
Then the holidays came and we had some entertaining to do for my husbands business and at one of these occasions there happened to be a well-known local artist that had done business with my husband. After I met him and realized who he was I took a very bold action and asked him if he would take a look at my painting and give me his honest opinion.
After all if I was “creativless” (my word) then I might as well find out now!
He studied the painting and then told me that is was just beautiful. He said I had a feel for the application of the paint and a good sense of design and color and that I should keep studying. I sort of told him a short rendition of what had happened in the class I took and he said he knew the teacher, and that he was generally known as a has-been that never made it.
His art was considered by the locals as mediocre. The best he could do was teach at night school so I should not take his remarks to heart. He had the reputation of bullying artists in his class that looked like they could be better than he was!
After talking to Sharon and getting some info about her experiences like this I felt better and now I am looking for a new class with a teacher who will teach me without attacking my talent because he feels a little insecure. I let this man put me in a box, telling me I was not creative, I was his victim in that class and he knew I would not speak up….how do people know who will stand up for themselves …do we have it written on our foreheads?
“You can bully me, attack me and embarrass me and I will not say a word”
Not only am I going on with my dream to be an artist I am also reading up on how not to be a meek doormat, plus I am putting what I am learning to work.

I will never allow anyone to bully me into silence or define me. I will speak up if someone tries to do this!
Thank you Sharon for the opportunity to tell my story! It is good to get it off my chest!

I will let you know what happens next..........

Jill Smith

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