Nov 4, 2011

What Colors Mean!

It is so important to understand color. Not just because you are an artist but to help understand yourself. Color is an vital component in our daily environment and in fashion. Not only does it communicate emotion and create a mood, it also has the power to influence our energy level. Colors evoke personal emotions and experiences. We all react to colors in a different way. Just think of how you feel in a room painted red, or blue? The colors you surround yourself with makes you feel a certain way.Every color can have a different effect on you.
Most of us have a specific color personality and we have had it since childhood. Some of us often change this maybe more than once during our lifetimes, while others never change.
A good way to determine what your color personality is to take a look in your closet. Look at the colors you choose to wear or decorate your homes with. If you see one or more colors often then these will reflect your personality and genuine needs.
It is interesting that the colors you like or dislike can be reliant on your life experiences.
Sometimes we have negative or positive feeling about colors due to something in our past. My mother loved purple, she died when she was only 44, I can remember her bedroom all decorated with purple, I love sitting in there and I have fond memories of that time of my life. As a result I love purple. I have found that if I surround myself with the colors I love or wear them often I feel more empowered and happy and at peace.
Ask yourself what is my favorite color, be spontaneous with your answer, don’t think about it or analyze it just say the first color that comes into your mind.
This choice will tell you a lot about how you function in life and how others see you.
It can help you understand your character traits, your emotional and mental states. It shows you things about your behavior and spiritual beliefs.
It will show you where you are venerable, what your weaknesses and strengths are and what you deepest needs are.
A color you wear all the time does not have to be your personality color but it is usually your favorite, you are drawn to this color and it is exciting for you and makes you feel good when you wear it. If you have two equally favorite colors you need to understand both colors to completely understand yourself and what motivates you.
You may not show signs of all the character traits of your personality color, you will find yourself somewhere in the description. You may also find you exhibit some of the negative traits, mainly when you are stressed.
Red: This is the most dynamic color. a person may decide to wear red one day and this may indicate they are ready to take action, they may need to feel powerful, or they may be passionate about what they are going to be doing that day. People who are angry are known to wear red. Wearing red tells others you are confidant and mean business.
Red is a dominant color, full of excitement and, in some cases, a little danger. It’s associated with Stop signs, emergency equipment, and of course sports cars. It can be hot, aggressive, or passionate.
Bright Red: exhilarating, authoritative, hot, sexy
Burgundy: rich, classy, older, luscious, chic
Brick Red: down-to-earth, warm, urban
Terra Cotta: hearty, warm, rustic, hospitable
Fuchsia: dazzling, sensual, stimulating
Bright Pink: cheerful, feisty, childlike, popular, untamed
Light Pink: dreamy, soft, womanly, babies, fragile
Dusty Pink: restrained, comfy, shadowy
Mauve: passive, over-romantic, calm

If orange is your favorite color, you love to socialize, you need people around you and be received and valued as part of a group. The color orange is the color of communication and optimism. You love physical and social challenges.
Orange is closer to the fire of Red than Yellow, a lot of products are packaged in yellow. Autumn is associated with orange as is Halloween. Orange is invigorating and full of life.
Bright Orange: capricious, innocent, happy, radiant, harvest, luscious, tangy, energizing, welcoming, loud, entertaining
Peach: fostering, soft, luscious, sweet, engaging, downy
Yellow: is very happy, warm, and outgoing. Yellow helps stimulates the intellect encourages confidence and hope. If you love yellow you are a very logical person in life. You desire to be able to express your uniqueness by using your logical mind to create new ideas. Yellow is the color of intellect, however you may be impatience and critical. It is also the color of cowardice. Yellow is happy color that reminds us of light and sunshine, yellow makes us feel good.
Bright Yellow: sunshine, cheery, sociable, power, shining
Light Yellow: happy, supple, sun-drenched, warm, sugary
Golden Yellow: reassuring, buttery, harvest, prosperous,
Greenish Yellow: fruity, tart, lemony, sharp

Green represents nature, expansion, vigor and profusion. It is very harmonizing, curative, and serene.
If green is your favorite, you need to be accepted and have acknowledgment for things you do for others. You need to feel like you belong, have a great need to love and be loved and have a safe place where you feel secure. You are very self-reliant and caring.
Green is the color of all nature and growing things. It brings to mind all the vitality associated with the wonderful outdoors and springtime. It can evoke thoughts of “little green men, and envy” It is also connected with money.
Dark Green: conventional, money, peaceful woodsy, dependable,
Olive: traditional, military
Bright Green: spirited, spring, clean, foliage, Irish.
Light Green: comforting, vigorous, minty, tranquil.
Bright Yellow-Green: garish, cheap, artsy, intrepid oily, nauseating.
Lime: revitalizing, sharp, tart, spirited, fruity

Blue is associated with spirituality and meditation.
It is calming, therapeutic, soothing, and relaxing. Lovers of blue are seekers of internal peace and truth, they are likely to live their life according to their ideals and beliefs without having to change their inflexible viewpoint of life to satisfy others.
Blue is the color of loyalty, integrity, conservatism, trust and peace.
Blue is cool, both in temperature and temperament. Blue has been a favorite shade of mortgage companies and banks for its dependable and trustworthy associations.
Navy: traditional, conventional, power, professional, nautical, serene
Sky Blue: soothing, happy, true
Light Blue: peaceful, water, sparkling
Teal: exclusive, chic, delightful, rich
Turquoise: tropical, ocean, exotic
Aqua: cool, fresh, liquid, therapeutic

Purple: represents nobleness and self-respect. It is often related to a sixth sense and spirituality.
If purple is your favorite color, you need perfection in all areas of your life, including your spiritual life. Emotional security is a deep need for you. You like to take part in humanitarian projects often being the initiator. You are always helping others.
You have a wonderful imagination and are very creative.
Violet is a deeper relative of Red, with slight similarities with Blue. It is mysterious, elegant, dependable and thoughtful, It has been used by crowned heads, religions, and political movements for dependability .
Red Purple: creative, distinctive, sensual, ostentatious
Blue Purple: spiritual, advanced, supernatural
Deep Plum: expensive, royal, powerful, stylish
Lavender: fragile, reflective, floral, sweet

Pink: is gentle, calm, tranquil, composed. It also symbolizes love and romance.
If your personality color is pink you have a deep need to be accepted , nurtured and loved unconditionally. Pink can also be immature, outlandish and girlish.

If Turquoise is your favorite color your genuine need is to create emotional balance in your life, you may be idealistic but need to be able to express your hopes and dreams no matter what. The color meaning of turquoise is communication and clearness of mind. It can also be impractical.
Brown is unwavering, down-to-earth, grounding, dependable and relaxed.
I you love
brown need a safe, protected, clear-cut and comfortable existence with encouraging family and friends. The color brown is a solemn, down-to-earth color that relates to security, security and material wealth.
Brown is earthy, warm, and rich. Its dependable and secure ,wholesome, woodsy, durable, secure, rustic, warm, rooted
Brown may not seem like a dominant color at first, but connotations have helped make UPS a household brand in America.
Earth Brown: Chocolate: rich, scrumptious
Cream: smooth, soft, delectable, typical, warm, neutral
Taupe: realistic, eternal, quality, basic, neutral
White represents clearness, purity, cleanliness, purity, trust, and openness.
white is your personality color, your deepest need is for straightforwardness in your own life and to be self-governing you don’t want to depend on anyone, you are very self-reliant. White is the color of purity, innocence, wholeness and finishing pointGrey is neutral, tranquil, and quiet. It is traditional.
Gray as your favorite color, you are cool, conserved, self-possessed and reliable. You tend to conform just to keep the peace. You often won’t take sides, but prefer to take the middle of the road attitude.
Black connotes sophistication, authority, security and stylishness. It is also introspection and mystifying.
Lovers of
Black have a need for power they are often insecure and need to be in charge in order to protect these emotional insecurities.
Black is the most influential and classic of all the colors. It is mysterious and magical.
It denotes expensive things, status, elegance, and moderation. It is a heavy color, and adds strength, courage, and immunity to what it represents.
Charcoal Gray: specialized, sophisticated, rock-hard, mature, long-term, expensive
Neutral Gray: cool, commercial, sensible, quality, timeless, quiet, ethereal
If S
ilver is your favorite, you are intuitive and perceptive and have a strong relation with a higher spiritual guidance. The color silver has a feminine power; it is related to the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides - it is fluid, mysterious, poignant, and sensitive.
If your color is
Gold, you emit charisma, individuality and uniqueness, making others feel relaxed and valued in your company. Gold is the color of achievement, accomplishment and victory. Gold is also linked with prosperity, abundance, extravagance, quality, status, elegance, material wealth, extravagance, sophistication, and affluence.

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