Nov 27, 2011

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Meditation and Creativity

By Sue Hulen

Being raised with an extremely anxious mother, I have the residual effects. Anxiety has plagued me my entire life. Worrying about everything is something I’m quite good at. It had taken a toll years ago. Actually, I hadn’t realize I even had a problem with anxiety. It wasn’t just my mother who helped create the anxiety beast as I’d had other traumatic experiences as well. PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) is real and it affects many millions of people in this country along. You don’t have to be a soldier returning from war to have PTSS. Trauma is what causes it.

One day I had been doing Google searches and somehow came across a site that dealt with meditation. It made me chuckle as I thought of hippies and those who would be on drugs and meditate. It captured my attention for a reason. It was where I needed to be at that moment in time.
The more I read about it the more fascinated I became. It took me from one link to yet another and another. It was as if I couldn’t stop reading about it. In one article after another they discussed anxiety and how meditation could help create peace within the person who was affected by anxiety and PTSS.

The more I meditated the better I began to feel. I couldn’t believe it, but I was actually, at one point, in “transition” from inner chaos to actual peace, if only for a few minutes or few hours at a time. It was a true gift.
Loving meditation as much as I have I decided I would try meditating before I would sit down to paint. Hey, if it worked to help ease my anxiety it may just help me be relaxed while painting. I’m usually at peace when I paint, but the distractions would get me upset. I needed to be able to deal with the distractions and not get so upset by them.

I kept meditating before I would paint and after a short while the difference was very noticeable. Not only was I not getting upset by the distractions and interruptions, but I was being more creative. “How fascinating” I thought. But then, I thought maybe that it was just in my imagination. I continued meditating before I would sit down to paint. The beautiful relaxing music and the breaths were just what I must have needed……..yet again. How could something so simple be so valuable and positive in my life?

It truly was the meditation that had helped me be more creative. One day I hadn’t meditated before painting and I felt awful. I didn’t feel “centered” and just couldn’t keep my “monkey mind” under control. I actually felt scattered and noticed internal chaos. It was so obvious.
From now on I meditate before painting. I’m not sure what I would do if I couldn’t meditate. It’s so freeing and peaceful. To rest my mind for a while each day is a gift I give to myself. Give yourself a gift and just try to meditate before you paint. See how it goes.

I wish for all of you creativity and peace!!!

Sue Hulen

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