Oct 21, 2011

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Paper Marbling
Paper marbling is an artform I've not experienced. One day I would love to try it. The design patterns you can get from marbling is endless. The "peacock" design is probably my favoite although there are so many beautiful designs it's hard to pick and choose only one favorite.

Peacock Designs

I'd love to marble curtains, linens, Tshirts, placemats and other items. It would be beautiful. The effects that marbling gives backgrounds on papers is fantastic. Notecards are especially beautiful as well. Since most of my artwork is my own East meets West style of Asian art, I would love to have marbled backgrounds on my paper that have an Asian flavor to them. Having the Chinese watercolors in the background would be just goreous. What a unique touch.

Besides the beauty of this artform, another attraction is that there are few supplies necessary and you don't need much work space. It amazes me that you can produce such beauty is such a small area. Who would have thought?

Stone Marbling

Used for background


I'm adding a link to a You Tube video of someone who is showing you the marbling technique. It would be gorgeous on silk. What I would give for a marbled silk scarf or marbled silk shawl. WOW! Maybe you could come up with some marbled designs for some things you'd like to have marbled as well. It's only as limited as your imagination.

You Tube link: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=paper+marbling+technique&aq=3&oq=paper+marbling There are lots of videos on paper marbling here.

Here is a couple of  links to see some beautiful paper marbling designs as well as materials.

He even has information on book binding that's really interesting and very informative.


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