Oct 9, 2011

Product Review Da Vinci OIls

I have been using Da Vinci oils for many years, I also carried them in my Art Academy so my students could use them. They are highly pigmented and very buttery. They are offer many gorgeous colors and are so fun to paint with, plus I like buying from a company that makes thier products in the USA and also because they are from Italy where some of my ancestors came from. If you have never used these oils you should try them out. You will find them to be superior to the other brands and less expensive.

Da Vinci paints are made in the USA, in the Da Vinci factory in Irvine, California. The story of Da Vinci Paint Company, Inc. began, however, over 75 years ago in Padova, Italy. Marcello Dworzak, an Italian chemist and artist, began formulating his own artists’ oil colors while working in a paint factory. With an understanding of the composition of colors and an entrepreneurial spirit, he left Italy in 1936 for Lima, Peru. Seeking work opportunities in the paint industry, he was first hired to analyze and formulate paints and then invited to join a reputable paint manufacturer. His experience led him to open an art store featuring his own artists’ oil colors, opaque watercolors (tempera), varnishes, and mediums. As part of his promotional efforts, Marcello would occasionally provide small paint samples to local artists at a nearby park who met every Sunday to paint. Artists quickly recognized the quality of the paints and enjoyed the low prices Marcello had in his store. The Da Vinci reputation for providing high quality artists’ products at a value had begun.
Success with the art store enabled Marcello to purchase the paint manufacturing plant that had hired him upon his arrival to the country. As new owner of the paint company, he focused on the research and development of high quality paint formulations. His drive to produce high quality colors is a practice that continues today. All Da Vinci colors are permanent, either lightfastness I or II, which means that they have the highest resistance to fading.

Marcello’s son, Rodolfo Dworzak, took over the business when his father passed away in 1968. Rodolfo’s education in engineering and many years of working alongside his father enabled him to fulfill his father’s commitment to producing high quality artists’ materials. Rodolfo moved his family from Peru to California in 1975 and founded Da Vinci Paint Company, Inc., named after the renowned artist and scientist for whom Marcello and Rodolfo shared a profound admiration. At Da Vinci, Rodolfo combined his father’s philosophy with new technology and drove the company to be a leader in permanent artists’ colors. Under Rodolfo’s direction, Da Vinci achieved milestones such as being the first manufacturer to formulate a permanent Alizarin Crimson alternative. It is currently the only manufacturer formulating its entire collection of colors exclusively using ASTM International approved pigments for artists’ quality. ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) International is the century-old group of 30,000 technical experts whose standards ensure the consistency and high quality of products. Da Vinci’s use of these approved pigments in its paints helps ensure the high quality of its colors.

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