Oct 13, 2011

Artist of the Month Kaziah Hancock

This month I want to introduce you to Kaziah Hancock. This lady has an incredible story. She has painted over 900 portraits of fallen soldiers in the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, and given them as gifts to their families.

Meet the woman behind the paintings in the award winning documentary that delves into Kaziah's life in polygamy, her escape to freedom and achieving her dreams of becoming an artist and raising her precious goats.

Having received civilian awards from every branch of the U.S. Military, Kaziah Hancock has caught the attention of Barbara Walters and The View. A woman with a mother’s heart, who has overcome adversity in her own life, extends her strength and courage to the families of our fallen soldiers. Armed with a paintbrush, Kaziah is out to help heal the wounds of the war by painting portraits of U.S. Heroes, our fallen soldiers, as a gift to their families. She has been invited to participate in The View’s Memorial Day show in which she will personally deliver her 865th portrait to a fallen soldier’s family.

An acclaimed artist, Kaziah’s work sells for thousands of dollars on the market but she put that aside when she heard about the death of Staff Sergeant James W. Cawley, the first fallen soldier from Utah, and has been working to preserve the memory of our precious fallen soldiers through her art ever since. Her non-profit Project Compassion, with four other artists, has completed over 3,000 portraits. http://www.heropaintings.com

A survivor of polygamy and cancer, Kaziah’s true personality is portrayed in the recent award winning documentary "Kaziah the Goat Woman" http://www.kaziahthedocumentary.moonfruit.com

Her numerous speaking engagements include West Point Military Academy where she was the only person asked to speak to the cadets on 9/11 2008 and the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado where she was the inspirational speaker to cadets over a three day period.

Kaziah’s core belief in freedom drives her spirit to paint these heroes, who have died to preserve our greater freedom, so they will never be forgotten. She summarizes her painting as “a simple act of kindness from one American to another.”


Chief Warrant Officer



United States Army




United States Marine Corps



United States Army



United States Navy and Army

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